Spring Style Tips From Zanouchi

 The pandemic and lockdowns have affected us in just about every way imaginable. The pandemic has affected our ability to work, play, and interact with those around us and the lockdowns have kept us stuck at home for months. But now, with the promise of an effective vaccine and talks about lockdowns being lifted soon, people everywhere are rejoicing, and the fashion faithful are beginning to put together their spring wardrobes in anticipation for brunches with friends and the warm spring days outside.

     Spring is, after all, the best time of year to update your wardrobe. Spring ushers in warm weather and a fresh start to the year and it’s the only season that you can still wear some of last season’s styles without looking dated or feeling out of place.

With that in mind, we are going to share some spring style tips straight from our fashion experts so you can look and feel your best this spring:

Show Some Skin- as the spring weather gets warmer, it is time to show off some more skin. Long legs are typically the favourite silhouette during spring and summer. Some designers may make a case for skirts, while others choose cut-off jean shorts. Also consider a mix of patterns and prints for pleated skirts and tops.

Wear Wardrobe Staples For Spring- a good spring wardrobe should start with the usual wardrobe staples, such as maxi skirts, sundresses, colourful accessories, sundresses, spring prints, sleeveless tops, and Bermuda shorts. Typical seasonal trends for springs often incorporate these common elements into a colourful look that is both stylish and comfortable.

Use Layers- it is also possible to use layers to your advantage during spring, especially if the weather is still quite cold in your area. If you want to stay outdoors and enjoy the warm sunshine, you may want to stay cozy with layering. A cardigan is a spring staple that could come in handy and if you don’t need the cardigan, you can tie it around your waist. If you are returning to work at the office, you may opt for a corporate-style blazer. Spring allows you to mix and match more with various layering pieces.

Stay Lighter- you don’t need to continue wearing thick fabrics and dark colours. For warmer springs days, you can wear breathable fabrics with vibrant colours. A quintessential spring style may incorporate a lighter outfit, but if you prefer something dark, you can balance it out with a pop of brightness.

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