Creating a Streetwear Ensemble for Under £100

The past decade has contorted many people’s ideas of streetwear. Most brands in the sphere have been focusing upon high-end, luxury streetwear. This corporate focus has resulted in streetwear clothing articles costing hundreds of pounds. However, Zanouchi doesn’t adhere to the same principles. We believe in creating premium quality clothing that is accessible to the masses.

As a result, we’ve prepared a guide to help you create your streetwear ensemble for under £100. Before starting, it is essential to know what a streetwear ensemble comprises.

The Streetwear Staples

Most streetwear aficionados build their ensembles from their footwear. Trainers and sliders are two popular footwear choices currently trending. You can pair sliders with a more casual look, while trainers are more diverse and fit a range of outfits.

Choosing the appropriate trousers or shorts to complement your footwear is crucial. Your footwear often determines the trousers to wear with it. For instance, tennis shoes pair well with athletic trousers. All-white trainers are more diverse, and you can wear them with slim-fit pants or baggy trousers. Similarly, sliders work well with shorts and casual trousers.

Streetwear clothing for men also provides numerous options when it comes to selecting a top. Sweatshirts are exceedingly common. You can also build an ensemble around a T-shirt. Many streetwear enthusiasts also incorporate designer streetwear hoodies into their outfits.

Creating Your Ideal Ensemble for Under £100

Creating a streetwear ensemble for less than £100 usually entails compromising on quality. However, with Zanouchi you don’t have to compromise on quality.


Our LA sliders are available in three colors: gold, black and white. Our LA sliders feature a classic design with the Zanouchi emblem embroidered across the top. The sliders also hold cushioning underneath for added comfort. The soles also have a unique design, making them durable and stylish. The LA sliders are available for £24.99.


Zanouchi has an extensive collection of joggers and shorts for customers to browse. Our shorts collection starts at £24.99, while our joggers range from £39.99 to £44.99. We use premium cotton double interlock knit mixed with 20 percent polyester for our joggers and shorts, resulting in a soft and luxurious texture. Our store also features matching sweatshirts for these items. However, you can also pair them with separate clothing articles. 

We recommend opting for the Monaco-ready shorts if you want to pair them with a sweatshirt while staying under your budget. If you’re willing to splash more money or want to pair it with a T-shirt, you can opt for the New York Ready joggers.

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