4 Ways to Style Accessories for Streetwear

Streetwear for men centres around comfort and design. Streetwear emphasizes individuality and design. Most people interested in rocking streetwear fixate on the brands they wear or the style of clothes they own. However, one of the most overlooked aspects of streetwear is accessorizing.

Pairing the appropriate accessories with your streetwear ensemble can make it more stylish and unique. They can help blend your outfit’s style with your taste. Accessories allow you to not only add a personalized touch but also refine your look.

Unfortunately, accessorizing for streetwear isn’t always easy, which is why we’ve prepared a guide to help you use accessories to tie your ensemble together.

Styling Accessories for Streetwear

Certain accessories can help elevate your streetwear outfit to a new level. Some of the most commonly utilized accessories include trainers, jewellery, hats, and bags. Accessorizing requires a subtle touch because overly accessorizing can quickly ruin your entire ensemble.


Incorporating headwear into your outfit is a fantastic way to accessorize. Headwear can range from hats and caps to bandanas, hair covers, and hair covers. Many clothing items already include headwear like designer streetwear hoodies. Headwear can add a different dynamic to your clothing.

Baseball caps are one of the most commonly used headwear items. Baseball caps enjoy prominence because they’re easy to add to any outfit. Incorporating a baseball cap into your tracksuit can help you fit in easily at school or university. Similarly, if you’re planning an outdoor excursion, you can accessorize with a bucket hat on a rainy day and look stylish. Headwear is frequently used as an accessory because the options are limitless.


Research shows that the first thing people notice about you is your shoes. Wearing the appropriate footwear with your clothing is vital. Trainers pair exceptionally well with most streetwear and urban clothing ensembles.

Trainers are also invaluable to streetwear outfits because they provide variety. Adding a sporty pair of trainers to your tracksuit can make you look ready to hit the gym. Similarly, wearing a pair of premium quality trainers with an oversized sweatshirt makes you look sleek while you travel around town.


Many men understandably shy away from jewellery. However, adding jewellery to your outfit is a fantastic way to accessorize. Jewellery comes in all shapes and sizes. You can wear rings, bracelets, chains, and pendants to style your clothing.

The jewellery you choose to wear depends on your personal preferences, but adding a jewellery item can be invaluable to helping you stand out in streetwear. Jewellery also doesn’t necessarily have to be gold-studded or diamond-encrusted. You can opt for environmentally-friendly jewellery made from materials like recycled metals.

A man accessorizing with jewellery


If you’re always on the move or frequently travelling, bags are a fantastic way to accessorize. You can accessorize with shoulder bags or backpacks to add a more personal layer to your clothing.

Accessorizing Your Streetwear

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