About us - Zanouchi

About Us

This is Zanouchi....

How can we make high end urban fashion accessible that doesn’t compromise on quality and doesn’t break the bank?
That’s what motivated us to create the Zanouchi brand. We saw a gap in the market where high end casual garments were under offered. We had plenty of ideas of what we wanted to create and more than anything we wanted to create a brand that oozed luxury and offered the best customer experience.

Meet Bil Our Founder

As cliche as it may seem Bil has always had a “passion for fashion” and high end luxury brands. A lawyer by profession, urban luxury casual wear is his go to when not dressed in suits. It’s with this in mind that Zanouchi was born. The name Zanouchi comes from the root word Zano meaning gift from God. This was something that meant a great deal to Bil, being given countless blessings in the form of family, friends and good health. It was fitting to be part of the name.

Where we want to be in the future

The only thing we see for Zanouchi is onwards and upwards, we love creating unique styles that give you the edge when you’re out and about or even just chilling at home. Expect to see some amazing new styles coming up for the next season including the launch of our first ladieswear collection. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media and watch out for any VIP emails giving you the dates for our launch.