Post-Pandemic Fashion: Stepping Out into The World with A New Wardrobe

The global pandemic has affected the world severely, causing economies to crash and industries to suffer. McKinsey reports suggest that fashion and luxury have borne the brunt of the effects of the pandemic. The pandemic has shaken certain fundamental aspects of the luxury industry. For instance, approximately 25 percent of the revenue generated in the luxury fashion sector came from consumers shopping outside of their home countries. Asian consumers, particularly from China, played a significant role in purchasing luxury items. Things have also changed for local businesses, requiring them to adopt a new business approach.

However, one sector of the fashion industry that hasn’t faced such consequences is streetwear clothing. The pandemic has given rise to joggers and tracksuits becoming increasingly common. Digital retailers also find themselves empowered as most consumers are switching online. The shake-up from the pandemic is resulting in a complete revamping of fashion tastes and trends.

How Has the Pandemic Changed Fashion Tastes?

With many people spending months at home due to lockdowns, fashion tastes have understandably changed. People are opting for comfort and convenience. These changing tastes have benefitted streetwear clothing and other styles of clothing like casualwear and leisurewear. Trainers are becoming increasingly more popular, as are sweatshirts and joggers, which have also seen a rise in sales. Moreover, sliders have become increasingly prominent.

If you’re venturing outside after months of isolation, we recommend being well-prepared. We recommend accentuating your wardrobe to ensure you look your best when you finally step out into the new, post-pandemic world.

How to Revitalize Your Wardrobe

Fashion clothing for men can be challenging, and styling casualwear or streetwear can be magnitudes harder than formal clothing.

We recommend that you look slick by staying updated on the latest fashion trends. Urban clothing is all the rage right now. Combining joggers with a stylish pair of sneakers and an oversized sweatshirt may serve you well. Alternatively, you can opt to combine a designer streetwear hoodie with sliders.

Accessorizing is also growing in popularity. We recommend adding some headwear to create a more distinctive look. You can also utilize jewellery like chains and rings to add a personalized touch to your outfit.

Many people are also choosing to add more colours to their ensembles. Printed T-shirts with artistic designs and logos are reigning supreme. Printed T-shirts combine well sweatshirts and hoodies and can help your style. Fashion enthusiasts are also shying away from dull colours. 

Headwear has also become an essential part of many ensembles. We recommend you consider adding a cap or hat to your outfit for a more distinct look.

A man wearing a streetwear hoodie

Revamping Your Wardrobe for a Post-Pandemic World

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