Top 5 Men's Styles Seen On Social Media

Style represents our uniqueness, and it’s mirrors our personality. With the right style, it will reflect the man inside you. Men’s styles on social media are often effortless, casual, and sophisticated. If you enjoy making an appearance on Instagram and Facebook, these most commonly-seen styles may inspire you to update your own social media pages this season.

Top 5 Men's Styles Seen On Social Media

T-Shirts- social media influencers often have casual look, especially when travelling to different places. It’s always a good idea to capture the moment and share it social media, however, you should avoid looking like a man-child with cartoonish graphic tees. On social media, well-dressed men usually opt for Henley’s, striped tees, logoed, or monochromatic t-shirts. The right T-shirt can keep you looking more masculine and help you stand out among men with graphic tees.

Jeans- jeans are a long-lasting trend among men. If you choose the right pair, jeans will make you look amazing. Fashion influencers on social media are choosing athletic fit or straight fit jeans this season, often paired with monochromatic t-shirts. Avoid baggy jeans that cause you to pull them up every few minutes and jeans that pool around your ankles. Whenever possible, try to keep things simple.

Joggers- social media influencers don’t always wear jeans because they often end up looking the same. If you want to change things up, choose joggers that are fitted to your shape. A basic pair in grey or camel can help change up your look while keeping things effortless. If you want to stand out more, you can choose unusual colours, or you may choose more subdued hues, like army green or burgundy.

Footwear- fashionable men always class up their footwear on social media. If you are still wearing those beat-up trainers, it’s time for an immediate replacement. New trainers or a pair of slides will give you a much more refined, casual look.

Jewellery- this season, influencers are seen wearing leather bracelets, wristwatches, or both. You could wear stronger, statement jewellery that suits your personality. To add a nice accent, you may choose leather bracelet with dark-coloured beads. Often, a stylish-looking accessory could go a long way in improving your appearance. If your outfit looks a bit dull, a wrist-accessory could help to spruce things up.

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