Finally Getting Away This Summer? - Summer Outfit Checklist For Men

Staying sharp looking on a hot summer day can be challenging. The summer’s heat and humidity can make it difficult for men to look our best but choosing the right wardrobe can still make this possible. When it comes to fashion, men should avoid going overboard during summer especially if they want to stand out for all the right reasons.

With that in mind, our summer outfit checklist can help men look their best while staying stylish and cool all season long:

Keep Things Cool- when travelling, there are times when you are going to have to take your look to the next level. Whether you wear semi-formal or smart casual attire, choosing the wrong outfit can leave you feeling uncomfortable. During summer, a lightweight blazer with an unstructured style can be a boon. You can still beat the heat by choosing outfits made of linen or thin cotton. If you need to dress up for a wedding or other formal event, choose a lightweight two-button linen blazer or jacket. For those typical summer days hanging out with your mates, a stylish tee and cargo shorts make the perfect summertime outfit.

Choose Summer Footwear- if you want to stand out more, choose white sneakers with a lightweight knit fabric. For a darker footwear, you should choose brown suede loaders or dark coloured slides, which can match any outfit easily. Avoid lined loafers that can turn your feet into a sweaty mess.

Bring Sunglasses- sunglasses don’t just make you stylish, but they are important for protecting your eyes. Classic round frames work well for most face shapes. Good frames should have a rounded bottom and a slightly rounded top with a solid feel. Regardless of your face shape, there are many different styles of sunglasses to choose from.

Get A Summer Hair Cut- it’s doesn’t look good if your hair always looks sweaty or unkempt. Today’s men like a stylish cut that is easy to care for. To keep things manageable, you could choose to have a shaved head. Get a groomed and sophisticated look, by shaving your sides evenly. If you prefer a short-mid length hairstyle, make sure to tighten up the sides as well. If you want to avoid an undercut look, the fade should end slightly lower.

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