Top Men's Grooming Products Recommended By The Zano Squad

As today’s men look for ways to take better care of their hair and skin, the men’s grooming market is growing rapidly and there are many quality products to choose from. Choosing the right products for your needs, however, can be difficult. If you want to take care of your skin and focus more on your overall health and wellness, here are our picks for grooming products you should be using.

Top Men's Grooming Products Recommended By The Zano Squad

Moisturiser- most men don’t really pay much attention to their skin and dryness or combination skin could cause problems. Well-moisturised skin is more protected against wrinkles and other signs of aging. Skin care products for men are available for a wide range of skin types and choosing the right moisturiser for your skin is important. Look for moisturisers which use all-natural ingredients, especially cannabis-based formulas.

Beard Oil- beard oil with a blend of cannabinoids and other natural ingredients can keep your beard healthier and softer. Hemp extract with sandalwood, jojoba or argan oil can maintain a proper level of hydration. The product may also stimulate follicles and soothe beard itch. When choosing a beard oil, make sure that it’s gentle and will not cause irritation.

Electric Razor- when choosing an electric razor, choose those with three or more flexible heads that can adjust to the skin contour separately. Today’s electric shavers are easier to use and ensure an ultra-clean shave. For hard-to-reach spots, the many razor models include attachments including a precision-edging blade, nose hair trimmer, and more.

Sonic Toothbrush- sonic toothbrushes clean your teeth better as each bristle vibrates 37,000 times per minute. The design should be uncomplicated and functional for ease of use and effectiveness.

Face Wash- for men who spend more time outdoors, a specially formulated face wash can keep their facial skin cleaner. When choosing a face wash, look for one that removes impurities gently. A gel-based cleanser with hyaluronic acid can keep your skin hydrated and prevent blemishes.

Shave Cream- if you use a shave cream, make sure that it smells nice and lathers easily. A good cream or gel allows you to shave closer to the skin, without causing nicks and irritation. The thick formula may contain essential oils, instead of alcohol-based ingredients that may cause redness.

Deodorant- a good deodorant shouldn’t contain aluminum that may clog pores and cause discomfort. Although some natural deodorants don’t perform as well as their aluminum counterparts, with enough research you can find a good alternative.

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