What’s Your Out Of Lockdown Outfit?

Spring is here and summer isn’t too far behind which means that we might be one step closer to getting back to normal. The promise of an effective vaccine and the possibility of lockdown restrictions being lifted by summer has people everywhere excited for summer again. Being able to get out and enjoy the sun and fun with friends, shopping on high street, and sharing a round at our local pub is all we need to start making plans for the summer season.  And while the naysayers are concerned that the lockdown won’t be cancelled, the Zano squad is all about positivity and living life to the fullest. So for us, its full steam ahead for summer 2021.

With that in mind, we need to start planning our lockdown outfits and making sure that our wardrobes are ready for a post pandemic summer:

Improve Your Tees- if you are like many others, your lockdown wardrobe was comprised mainly of whatever was comfortable and clean. It’s time to break out of that fashion-less cycle and start looking good again. It is also a good time to switch to plain monochromatic t-shirts from graphics tees, but you shouldn’t stop there. Consider adding more layers, without causing you to overheat. Remember to choose lighter, brighter t-shirts to keep you cooler so you are ready to make the most out of each day.

Step Up Your Shorts- as a summer workhorse, stylish shorts can upgrade your outfit and leave you looking stylishly cool. If navy blue and khaki shorts tend to dominate the summer rotation, you may mix them up with breezy Irish linen or a pair of seersuckers and take your wardrobe to the next level.

Footwear- whether you choose trainers or slides, your footwear should be stylish, cool, and comfortable. Choose shoes that can transition from day to night or hanging out to going out.

Hoodies- the summertime can be hot, but summer nights can cool down quickly and if you are trying to make the most out of every minute out of lockdown this summer, be prepared with a stylish hoodie from Zanouchi. Warm, comfortable, and stylish, our hoodies will make you stand out with the Zanouchi logo emblazoned down the front.

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